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Ms. Teressa SIU


ACESS Executive Board Member

Ms. Teressa SIU

Board Member, BRICS Council of Exercise & Sports Science (BRICSCESS)Science Advisor, Foundation For Global Community Health (GCH) Founder, Int Wellness Speaker, Mental Wellbeing Educator, Yoga Teacher, Holistic Nutritionist/Health Coach – LotusLifeTVHong

Teressa Siu is an international wellness speaker, award-winning journalist, TV host and a health advocate on and off camera. Her TV news reports on health issues and epidemics won her applause from the journalism community, including awards from international organizations and CNN World Report. Combining her two passions - health and journalism, she founded LotusLifeTV.

Bringing two decades of experience in journalism, media, education and health, Teressa's mission is to connect people through the lenses and support wellness practitioners to bring their visions to life. She specializes in wellness curriculum design, integration and faciliation. When she's not working in front of the camera, Teressa travels around Asia and the world to spread knowledge in her most passionate subjects – holistic vegetarian nutrition, integrative food therapy, yoga and healing - at wellness retreats, workshops and seminars.

Her comittment to promoting health Journalism and advocating health in the media was recognized by Asia’s World Brand Congress which granted Ms. Siu the 2016 Women’s Leadership Award for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism. She was also awarded 50 Outstanding Women Leaders in Health Care in 2017 and i50 Outstanding Women Leaders in 2019.

Teressa supports a holistic and sustainable lifestyle through permaculture and plant-based foods. She also believes in raising awareness by integrating holistic education to schools. Her other passion is to empower women and the younger generation to go after their dreams and live life with a passion.
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