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Global Forum for Physical Education Pedagogy (GoFPEP)

About GoFPEP

GoFPEP is the Global Forum for Physical Education Pedagogy. It is an international academic conference co-hosted by ACESS. It involves approximately 80 to 90 countries with two representatives from each country.

Past Conferences

#2.1 GoFPEP 2016-Ankara.JPG
GoFPEP 2016

Hacettepe University, Turkey

Theme: Technology, Networking and Best Practice in Physical Education and Health: Local to Global

#7 GoFPEP 2010-Cedar Falls.jpg
GoFPEP 2010

University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls

Theme: Revitalizing Health and Physical Education Through Technology

#3 GoFPEP 2014-Potchefstroom.jpg
GoFPEP 2014

North-West University, Potchefstroom

Theme: Fighting Childhood Obesity Through Physical Education and Health: Promoting Global Best Practice

GoFPEP 2012-Velen #1.2.jpg
GoFPEP 2012

University of Duisburg-Essen, Velen

Theme: Revitalizing Health & Physical Education Through Community Based Networking

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