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International Conference for Physical Education & Sports Science (ICPESS)


ICPESS is the International Conference for Physical Education & Sports Science that is an associate conference with ACESS. It is an international academic conference hosted by various international countries. This is where various professionals in Physical Education & Sports Science come together to promote knowledge, skills and attitudes for games and sports that will benefit students around the world. PE and sports can enable these students to develop psychomotor skills, health and fitness, hence, be able to lead a healthy lifestyle as a lifelong orientation towards managing one's health and well-being.

Past Conferences

cover depan.jpg
6th Virtual ICPESS 2021

Universitas Negeri Jarkata, Indonesia

Theme: Active Living through Exercise and Sport Science: Future Trends for Global Creativity and Sustainability

ICPESS2010 3rd Poster.jpg
3rd ICPESS 2010

National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University,Singapore

Theme: Youth in Physical Education and Sport

#1. ICPESS 2018-Cappadocia..JPG
5th ICPESS 2018

Haci Bektas Veli Nevsehir University, Turkey

Theme: New Direction of Physical Education and Health: From Theory to Implementation with Turkish and Global Perspective

ICPE 2004 #2.jpg
2nd ICPE 2004

The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong

Theme: Global Perspectives in the Integration of Physical Activity, Sports, Dance, and Exercise Science in Physical Education: From Theory to Practice

#1 ICPESS 2015_Jakarta.jpg
4th ICPESS 2015

University of Jarkata, Indonesia

Theme: Health Promotion Through Physical Activity, Physical Education, Sports Science and Technology: Global and Indonesian Perspective

#1 ICPE 2000-HK Conference Books .jpg
1st ICPE 2000

The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong

Theme: Innovation & Application of Physical Education and Sports Science in the New Millennium - An Asia Pacific Perspective

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