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Other Associate Conferences


SPHWF: Sao Paulo Health and Wellness Forum 2020

World Congress on Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum in Physical Education for Well-Being 2019

ICSPHW: International Conference on Sport Pedagogy, Health, and Wellness 2016

IFPESS: International Forum of Physical Education and Sports Science 2012

Past Conferences

#1 SPHWF 2020_Sap Paulo.jpg
SPHWF 2020

University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Theme: Health and Well-Being: South American and Global Perspective (Linkage of SDG Goal #3 Good Health and Well-Being)

#1.3 IFPESS 2012-Chandigarh.JPG

Punjab University, Chandigarh

Theme: Health, Physical Education, Sports and Wellness in Schools and Community: A Holistic and Innovative Approach

#1.3 2019 World Congress on Teaching, Le
World Congress 2019

East China Normal University, China

Theme: Focus on Cutting Edge Issues, Pay Attention to the Development of PE, Explore the Future of Students

#1 The International Conference on Sport

University of Philippines-Diliman, Philippines

Theme: Retooling Physical Education for Inclusion, Development and Competition

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