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President's Foreword


Asian Council of Exercise and Sports Science (ACESS) is an organisation which was founded in 1999 but established formally in 2001. Since then it has grown steadily and we have strong membership from a number of Asian countries. Its strength can be seen from the continuous conference organised since its founding and its participation in a number of worldwide activities/conferences. Presently, ACESS is actively involved with the Global Community Health (GCH) initiative of utilising Brain Breaks activities for all children. GCH consists of professionals from various countries globally that looks into improving the lives of children in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG). Additionally, we look forward to a partnered conference in 2021 and our own conference in 2022 in Indonesia and China respectively.


As the newly elected president in October 2019, I have been working with ACESS as an executive board member since 2010 and was the Secretary General for International Conference for Physical Education and Sports Science (ICPESS) 2010 conference in collaboration with ACESS that was organised in Singapore. Thereafter, I became the Assistant Secretary General and moved on to Secretary General of ACESS till October 2019. With my experiences in ACESS, I am well-aware of its global philosophy and intentions. I hope members will appreciate our involvement in the world area of physical education and sports science and that more members will embark on this noble profession with us in taking care of the physical, the mind and the holistic well-being of all our children and adults. I look forward to all your contributions and hope you enjoy the camaraderie of ACESS. Let us work together to create a better future with all your help.

I like to end my foreword with a quote from the famous former USA President, John F. Kennedy, which emphasizes the importance of being physically active.

"Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong." - John F. Kennedy.

Thank you.

Dr. G. Balasekaran


Asian Council of Exercise & Sports Science (ACESS)

Fellow of American College of Sports Medicine (FACSM)

American College of Sports Medicine Health Fitness Director

Former Head of Department

Former Programme, Director Sport Science & Management

Physical Education & Sports Science

National Institute of Education

Nanyang Technological University


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